12th March 2024

Known Issues

The following issues have been flagged by the Studio 397 team and will be issued publicly alongside the game release. These are already being worked upon and will be resolved as soon as possible following release and will be communicated across the Le Mans Ultimate social media channels, Discord and forum. If there are any major issues you come across, please do flag them to us. We might be able to resolve them quickly.

Last Updated: 12/03/24 at 12:00 GMT/UK

Very Important & General

Very Important & General
  • Users should read Common Fixes for temporary solutions

  • Occasionally some anti-virus protection needs to allow the game executable or folder to be excluded to run. For our guide on this for Windows Defender, please click here

  • Users may experience poor performance in UI menus please see Common Fixes

  • Users that have not yet validated their email address will get a prompt to do so and may be excluded from online racing unless this is completed

  • MSI Afterburner and RivaTuner Statistics (and possibly similar programs) have been reported to cause performance issues. We would recommend you disable these for now whilst investigations take place.

  • Running an instant replay tool such as Nvidia Geforce or the Xbox tool is causing issues

  • A VR headset, plugged in but not in use can cause severe graphical issues throughout the game UI and on track. This may also be caused by other devices but not known at this time.

  • Rarely, users may experience very frequent stutters in gameplay. If you experience this please visit the root folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\LeMansUltimate\UserData\player\settings.json and set “Record To Memory”:true, (change from false to true)

  • After finishing an online practice server, joining the next race very frequently causes a crash to desktop due to the content in memory not resetting between events – this can be prevented by reloading the game before joining

  • “Failed to allocated a section of memory” – Windows page file being too small can cause memory usage issue particularly for users with less RAM. Please see Common Fixes

  • Users unable to join online sessions need to ensure that their Windows time settings are set to automatic. Additionally, please register at least 6 minutes before a race as we are running out of spaces but the UI isn’t informing you that it’s full. Registering earlier should guarantee a space

    • Practice sessions are often too busy and full

  • Note: Le Mans Ultimate is only supported on Windows machines that meet the minimum requirements. Mac, Linux and Steamdeck are unsupported

  • AMD users may experience some graphics artifacts

  • Intel ARC users may be experiencing some graphics issues and may need to adjust graphics to less than desirable settings

  • Gsync is not working in borderless mode


  • Users may experience poor performance in UI menus please see Common Fixes

  • Page transitions may experience a slow-down during animations for some users

  • Some imperial measurements are not equivalent to metric across the game

  • Some text clips on lower resolution settings

  • Custom graphics presets are not saving

  • Clicking on setup when cars are still loading causes a crash to desktop

  • 500 error – we are investigating this but seems to be related to slow loading for users with lower spec hardware and HDDs. This may be improved on second load or by running races with no (or fewer) AI as well as smaller circuits.

Race Weekend Configuration
  • Default race weekend settings are not loaded when you start the game for the first time or restart the game (a user can click on a different race and it will load correctly). This can result in incorrect grip levels and unexpected session lengths.

  • Minimum race length is 5% of its real-life equivalent, for example, Spa Francorchamps minimum race length is 18 minutes

  • Sebring race length is set to minutes, not laps

  • A user setting “RealRoad Wet” (to start with a wet track) in advanced options will find that this is not currently being applied

  • A user is able to set a “rain chance” on non-rain states (for example, clear or overcast)

  • The minimum length of a race session in quick configuration remains the same value as the user’s last race (this can be remedied by going to advanced options or clicking to increase the value before returning to the length you desire)

In Race
  • Rarely, users may experience very frequent stutters in gameplay. If you experience this please visit the root folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\LeMansultimate\UserData\player\settings.json and set “Record To Memory”:true, (change from false to true)

  • When a user is disqualified, they are not notified in the UI

  • Stability control occasionally sets itself to be “on” without users selecting this

  • Online is greyed out, this could be either:

    • You need to make an online account and/or accept the terms and competition rules – click on profile to change this

    • Your steam authentication has expired – try restarting the steam application (make sure you exit steam in the system try, not just close the window)

  • When loading into a session the UI is incorrectly displayed until all cars are loaded and a user is placed in the garage

  • Chat remains persistent between sessions and is not cleared

Race Monitor
  • Switching between tabs can cause a visual stutter

  • Setup

    • Degree symbol (°) displays as “??”

    • Car wireframe does not reflect the car the user is playing with

    • Save setup displays a list of tracks with incorrect naming conventions

  • Translations may result in odd text placements or clipping in the UI

  • Some phrases when translated may need further review

  • Some words or phrases may be missing translations

On-track and AI

  • Users that damage their car in this period will notice their car is still damaged

  • Ultra settings are performance heavy and may result in less than desirable frame-rate

  • Low grip on track – check your “Real Road” is set to have some rubber (advanced session settings). There are no tyre warmers in WEC (expect Le Mans). It’s also worth checking the road temperatures as these are separate to ambient.

  • Being in watch mode while server transition between sessions gets the player stuck in watch mode

  • AI fail to wait for a gap coming out of the pits and crash into each other in practice and qualifying sessions

  • AI have too little grip in wet conditions

  • In rare circumstances, AI drivers spin at the start/finish line at the start of a race

  • Time scaled races with AI may result in them pitting too often

  • On-track scoreboard displays do not currently update properly


  • Car specific FFB is not saving

  • Both front and rear lights flash when user uses “headlight pulse”

  • BoP is not final and will be iterated on in future with further, per track, applications

  • Virtual energy consumption calculations in the HUD can be misleading

  • Some windshields are starting dirty incorrectly at the start of a session

  • Adjusting cockpit seat position can affect other on car camera positions

  • The highest in-car traction control settings significantly affect top-speed

  • LMdH cars require the user to have some electric energy when coming to a pitstop or will not be able to leave the pits

  • Cadillac V-LMdH

    • Note: Due to suspension geometry of this car, it has a tendency to pull steering towards the direction of steering

  • Ferrari 499P LMH

    • Note: Due to suspension geometry of this car, it has a tendency to pull steering towards the direction of steering

  • Porsche 963 LMdH

    • Adjustment text overlaps on the in-car steering wheel

  • Toyota GR010 LMH

    • No rain on windscreen

  • Vanwall Vandervell LMH

    • Headlight glow may not appear

    • Brake map appears in the electronics menu and should not (not operational)

  • Issues with wet tyre graphics

  • missing gearbox protection preventing a gear change from Neutral to Reverse or 1st to happen if the car speed is too high

  • Corvette C8.R GTE

    • Centre mirror is non-adjustable

  • Ferrari 488 GTE

    • Flag display not working correctly

    • Rear view mirror has strange look at night

Input Devices​

Input Devices​
  • Controllers are not able to navigate through menus, including the pause screen

  • Controller users are likely to experience higher tyre degradation

  • To adjust controller vibration, you need to adjust “Force Feedback”

  • Some manufacturer SDKs may need to be updated by the development team to be compatible with displays or LEDs

  • Some controllers are not being picked up by the game, please report these. Users can, in the meantime, assign controls themselves

  • Fanatec GT DD Pro – Assigning “Brake migration Forward” and “Brake Bias Forward” to any button on the wheel will cause the setting to be repeatedly pressed

  • Logitech users who have their wheel stuck to one side should enable “constant steering force” in the settings


  • Track limits are said to be “relaxed” in the UI when they are configured to be “default” in race

  • When loading into a session the UI is incorrectly displayed until all cars are loaded and a user is placed in the garage

  • A user’s flag does not update immediately if they are already registered for the next race

  • Users cannot change their name more than once in a 3 month period but no warning is shown

  • If there is more than one user with the same name, the subsequent users are given a # with four random digits (e.g. Joe Bloggs#1234)

  • Race Results

    • Disqualified users display as DNF in race results

  • Some contacts with self are reported when it should state another player’s name

  • In practice and qualifying sessions, if a user joins after you they will be displayed in a temporary car. This is currently a Porsche 911 GTE regardless of category. Returning to the pitlane, then going into the setup menu should resolve this. Alternatively, a user may map a button to “load vehicles” to reload the skins. Important note: please do not do this whilst driving as it may cause a screen freeze

  • If a user sets their best qualifying lap time after the chequered flag this is not being written to the results file so the post-race feedback shows an incorrect despite actually starting in the correct position

  • Being in watch mode while server transition gets the player stuck in watch mode

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