Multi-class racing is what makes the FIA World Endurance Championship and 24 Hours of Le Mans so competitive, and so compelling for millions of motorsport fans around the world. The top flight Hypercars, stars of tomorrow in LMP2 and the closely fought battles in the road going derived GTE class – all fighting for class victory, against the same clock, against the same elements.

Which class do you choose?


First introduced in 2021, these top category sportscars have got the motorsport world onto their feet in recent years. Innovative, sleek designs – all powered by different engine configurations – creates an exciting spectacle on track. Famous brands such as Ferrari, Porsche and Toyota fight at the very front for victories at race circuits around the world. Producing over 650 horsepower from the internal combustion engine and a potential 270 horsepower equivalent from the hybrid system, this produces prototype rocket ships that need the best drivers to extract the most from the cars – while sticking to the strategy for success.

Have you got what it take to be at the top? Which team will you lead to Le Mans victory?


The GTE field is supercar heaven, with luxury marques such as Aston Martin, Corvette, Ferrari, Porsche taking to the grid. The GTE cars, although a lot slower and heavier than the Hypercar counterparts – still command a high level of respect when stepping behind the wheel. When fighting for the class victory – you will have one eye in front of you, as you fight for the win – getting your elbows out, while you will have one eye in your mirror as you try to keep out the way of the faster cars on the circuit – a difficult balancing act. Not one for the faint hearted.

Which brand will you represent on race weekend?


The second tier sports prototype class, LMP2 sits directly under the Hypercar category – proving the perfect place to cut your endurance racing teeth. Many drivers and even teams have used the category platform to shine and propel themselves into the top-flight with the Hypercar manufacturers and team owners all keeping a close eye on LMP2 for the next crop of talent.

If you can win in this class – you can be confident in other categories – with the LMP2 field all using almost identical, Gibson-powered ORECAs – tenths of a second can make the difference between win or lose, with driver input, set-up and strategy the key ingredients needed to shine in a busy grid.

Are you ready to make a name for yourself in the FIA WEC?

Latest News

12 March 2024

Known Issues

The following issues have been flagged by the Studio 397 team and will be issued publicly alongside the game release. These are already being worked upon and will be resolved as soon as possible following release and will be communicated across the Le Mans Ultimate social media channels, Discord and forum.

18 April 2024

Patch 3 Hotfix 1 – 18th April 2024 – Public Notes​

Following the third substantial Update announced earlier this week, we have made a few amendments in our latest Hotfix.

16 April 2024

Patch 3 – 16th April 2024 – Public Notes​

The third patch comes in hot ahead of the second round of the FIA WEC this weekend. Check out the latest updates.

15 April 2024

Le Mans Ultimate embarks on European tour

Le Mans Ultimate will be visiting hearts of the fan zones around Europe over the next three months – bringing the thrill of sim racing to motorsport fans in Italy, Belgium and France.

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